Ten favourite pages from the IKEA 2013 catalog

Everybody likes IKEA catalogs, I think. I don’t know what people think of the IKEA brand, but I’m fairly certain that we can all agree on the catalog and that it’s fun to receive your annual IKEA catalog in the mail. That’s very successful advertising because someone actually wants to receive your promotional collateral, and it’s not because of a coupon. When it comes to creating advertising content that engages with people, I think the people who work on IKEA do it great.

I’ve visited friends and family in places around the world, and I’ve lived in Australia for a short time too, and anyway I remember thinking to myself that IKEA probably furnishes most houses around the world, because most houses I’ve been to have at least one item from IKEA. Or offices, or shops. If not furniture, they must have at least some kind of home accessory (like plastic waste paper bins).

I’m pretty sure many people will miss IKEA sorely if it disappeared tomorrow (the litmus test of branding is asking yourself if people will miss your brand if it disappeared tomorrow).

Anyway, a few things about the catalog:

  • I think the reason why it’s been so well-received is because of clear and effective visuals (photography)
  • And each setting illustrates the possibility of your consumer’s ideal self and what their ideal environment should look like
  • It’s not over the top (see Catalog Living for lolz)
  • Every page is an ad in itself!
  • Things are organized neatly, much like the style of the fun cookbook that IKEA published in 2010


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