Singaporean blogs that I really like

A foreword:

There’s been a bit of blogger bashing lately. Um, regarding the thing with Diner En Blanc, and that article in Elle Singapore by Aimee Chan who wrote something lame about going to a proper school so she could write.

In case people on the correct journalistic side haven’t realised, it’s 2012. Blogs are a thing now, and they are going to remain a thing. Don’t be a hater. If you have been following the Diner En Blanc story unfold on the blogs, you would see how foolish they were to overlook new media. I work in social media, and I can tell you that there is a purpose in what we do, and there is a formula. It’s not some hip and fun crazy sitting around being on Facebook thing, brands don’t pay us to sit around to do that (I’m sure they can do that themselves)

Bloggers and journalists have a symbiotic relationship, ok? If you’re a journo who’s been in the trade for years now and suddenly annoyed that there are pesky new entities (social media, bloggers, etc)  in the news cycle… I’m afraid that you’ll have to deal with it.

Don’t split yourself into two camps. That’s stupid.

As a journalist, I’m pretty sure you’d be searching the the blogs of the world for new stories to feature, et cetera, and as a blog writer, I’m pretty sure you write your heart out but you still rely on the news from traditional media sources.

Anyway, this is my own list of blogs that I really like.There are probably plenty of other great blogs out there that I haven’t discovered yet. This is just a list that I like.


1. Chubby Hubby

Two words: Food Porn

Gosh, the pictures give me wild fantasies of food utopia. The other day, a work acquaintance and I were chatting about some restaurant somewhere with a dessert with pop rocks and I was instantly reminded of his post about a Heston Blumenthal recipe. Anyway I started to realise that pop rocks must be getting quite popular to use in food, so I googled ‘Pop rock dessert’ or something like that and the pictures, blogs and recipes that showed up were mostly related back to Chubby Hubby’s blog. Now that is…. being an effective blogger. Or something.

Here’s the thing – I can’t eat at all these places like he does, but I can live vicariously through his pictures.

Though I must say that I liked his old layout better because this new layout just does not look nice on my screen.

2. Emma Valentino

I’ve been stalking her since her days in Livejournal and she used to look much more otaku (but still had great style, ok!) and now she just looks absolutely stylish and impeccable all the time. She’s has is so stylish and distinct and I love that she knows she wouldn’t wear some things (unlike the “fashion bloggers” who will).

I’ve watched her change so much over the years and she’s gotten so pretty and i almost feel like she’s my friend or something.

3. Bagaholic Boy

This blog is on this list because I really love the fact that this blog isn’t a journal of narcissism and all photos of a person’s face and #OOTD frivolities.

His style of writing is matter-of-fact, which is a perfect formula for writing about luxury bags because nobody likes a name dropping snob. To elaborate: it’s just that I really don’t like blogs that overly discuss what the blogger wore, like “I carried my Birkin today along with my Prada shoes blah“. Bagaholic Boy is not like that.

And because of the way he writes about luxury bags, it has grounded him as a source of information for anybody who is looking to buy a luxury bag (still quite a high commitment purchase).

I like that he has made a fashion blog for himself through great content, and without whoring his face all over the internet. I don’t know who he is, but he is one very discerning and tasteful man.

4. Shentonista

The Shentonista is a street style blog that chronicles the daily fashion of the working men and women of Singapore (and in this moment in time, that refers to plenty of internationals and locals alike). Many Singaporean street style blogs of have appeared and disappeared, but this blog does a pretty good job of picking out the right people to photograph.

And I think this blog is a great idea! Photographing the stylish kids on Orchard Road and nice fashion events around town is nice, but the Shentonista is the daily dressing of the working people of Singapore.


Other notable contenders:

1. Sarah’s loft

A bit of design, a bit of baking, a combination of both. She’s definitely my kind of person.

2. Lavishley

Again, really gorgeous pictures. Really gorgeous parties and stuff and basically a gorgeous looking life.

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